Minutes of SIGGIS Business Meeting at AMCIS 2015, Friday, August 14, 2015

  1. Introductions. Seven attendees were introduced.
  2. Report on past year’s SIGGIS activities. James Pick gave an update on SIGGIS activities during the past year. They include GIS workshop at AMCIS 2014 in Savannah with keynote by Bill Meehan of Esri, workshop on research in GIS with contributed papers at ICIS 2014 in New Zealand and keynote talk by Scott Campbell, Head of Technology at Eagle Technology Group Ltd. of New Zealand, GIS mini-track with 9 accepted papers and 2 sessions and research-in-progress talks at AMCIS 2015, workshop on Location Analytics, GIS, and Big Data at AMCIS 2015 attended by 21 AMCIS members that included a keynote talk by Mansour Raad of Esri.
  3. The SIGGIS website was further developed by Dan Farkas. Marketing was very ably managed by Dan yielding increased awareness of SIGGIS and its activities.
  4. Budget. The latest financial report of February 2015 indicated a SIGGIS $1,348 balance.
  5. Report on upcoming SIGGIS activities.
  • SIGGIS Pre-ICIS Workshop on “Locational Analytics and Business Intelligence: Tutorial and Contributed Research” will be given on Sunday Dec. 13 in Fort Worth Texas in the morning and early afternoon. It includes the morning presentations on cutting edge of locational analytics, a segment on integrating location and GIS into business school research and teaching, a keynote talk by Wayne Gearey, Global Location Intelligence Officer and JLL, and an afternoon contributed papers session.
  • SIGGIS plans to offer a minitrack associated with SIGDSA and a workshop at AMCIS 2016 in San Diego.
  1. Open Mic session. The following comments and suggestions were made and discussed.
  • The SIGGIS name might be changed to have a more contemporary ring to it, i.e. locational analytics, spatial big data and analytics. However it was pointed out that there already exist SIGDSA (SIG on Decision Support and Analytics) and the new SIGBD (SIG Big Data). SIGGIS can maintain a uniqueness that contrasts with other SIGs, whereas a new naming might lose the brand recognition. Re-naming can continue to be a topic of discussion.
  • Esri participation in the AMCIS San Diego meeting. Ideas included a whole day session managed by ESRI with SIGGIS involvement, possible Esri Plenary talk to be suggested (Jack Dangermond? Other notable?), Esri scholarships, Esri award for the best Ph.D. dissertation in business GIS. There was consensus to encourage Esri to be at the San Diego AMCIS in a larger way. The SIGGIS leadership will consider how to approach Esri well ahead of time.
  • Suggestion that a SIGGIS Workshop for AMCIS 2016 could focus on Social Media Location Analytics. A possible keynote speaker for this academic workshop is Dr. Ming Hsiang Tsou of San Diego State University, who leads a research stream and center focusing of this topic.
  • Another suggestion was to see if SIGGIS could approach Esri for some role at the Esri Business Summit in San Diego in July 2016 that could focus on job opportunities and educational tracks in business GIS.