Welcome to the AIS Special Interest Group on Geographic Information Systems (SIGGIS)

Scope and Mission
  • The scope of SIGGIS is to discuss, develop ideas and promote research, stimulate curriculum and teaching, and dialogue on the role of spatial information systems, technologies and concepts, as applied to management of information systems, business intelligence (BI), decision support systems (DSS), and knowledge management (KM).

  • The mission of SIGGIS is to be a forum that brings together members of AIS. Although there is considerable research on GIS technology and geographic information science, there has been relatively little research in management of spatial information systems, and spatial-based business intelligence, DSS, and KM. SIGGIS will address gaps that involve the GIS and spatial aspects of these knowledge areas and incorporate the expertise the IS discipline can bring to bear on them.

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Pre-Conference Workshop on Locational Analytics and Big Data: Foundations, Emerging Applications and Research:

-----------------------------------AMCIS 2015-Puerto Rico----------------------------------------------------------------------

SIGGIS Special Events

---------->AMCIS 2015 - Workshops on Location Analytics, GIS and Spatial Big Data, Agenda

* Thursday, Aug. 13, 8:30am-1:00pm, Palominito A
  • This workshop focuses on Big Data Location Analytics. As geo-services revenues approach $300 billion, the workshop reviews underlying theory, concepts, and technologies; and how Geographical Information Systems (GIS) enable visualization and analysis of the location component of Big Data to create value and make better decisions. Workshop Part 1 covers Theoretical Foundations and Part 2 focuses on Location Analytics Solutions for Big Data, including spatial tools such as SpatialHadoop and Esri Maps for IBM Cognos.
  • We are excited to have Mansour Raad, From Esri, Inc. as the workshop keynote speaker:
    • Mansour Raad is a senior software engineer at Esri and Esri's Big Data Advocate. As part of Esri's development team, he helps users implement Big Data solutions with ArcGIS server. With over 25 years of experience in the IT/GIS field, Mansour is also a Cloudera Certificate Hadoop Developer and HBase Specialist. He is using his command of GIS technologies to design and implement the next-generation BigData geospatial solutions. Mansour holds a Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering from Boston University and frequently blogs on Big Data topics and examples of Big Data implementations at http://thunderheadxpler.blogspot.com
  • Draft agenda and registration information.
  • **Workshop Materials (Powerpoints, etc.).**

---------->AMCIS 2015 Mini-Tracks - Spatial Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Knowledge Management

  • Thursday, Aug. 13, 3:00-4:30pm, Siete Mares A
  • Saturday, Aug. 15, 3:30-5:00pm, Viegas B

---------->SIGGIS Annual Meeting

  • Friday, Aug. 14, 6:00pm

--------------------------------ICIS 2014-Auckland, NZ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

---------->ICIS 2014 - Workshop on Geographic Information Systems Description and Flyer

---------->ICIS 2014 - Workshop on Geographic Information Systems, Agenda

---------->2014 Pre-ICIS Workshop Proceedings

-----------------------------------AMCIS 2014-Savannah----------------------------------------------------------------------

SIGGIS Special Events

August 7 8:15-1pm

---------->GIS for Smart Sustainability Workshop Description and Flyer

---------->GIS for Smart Sustainability Workshop Agenda

---------->GIS for Smart Sustainability Workshop Materials (download)

---------> Keynote: "Rethinking GIS for Energy and Sustainability" (Select for more information)

August 8, 6pm-7:30:

--------->SIGGIS Annual Meeting


Research approaches in Locational Analytics and GIS:
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