ICIS 2015 Pre-Conference Worshop Papers:

Christopher Franklin
Space-Time Diffusion Visualization using Bayesian Inference

Olusola Samuel-Ojo, et. al.
Growth and Migration of Benthic Habitats: Spatial Microsimulation Approach

Pick, et. al.
A Spatial and Regression Analysis of Social Media in U. S. Counties

Omar Arlwais, et. al.
Evaluating Local Government Usage of GIS: A New Maturity Model

Peter Keenan, Gianluca Miscione
Desperately Seeking the IS in GIS

ICIS 2015 Pre-Conference Workshop Presentations:

Brian Hilton
Overview of Spatial Big Data and Analytics

James Pick
Locational Analytics and Big Data: Foundations, Emerging Applications, and Research

Namchul Shin
Research Opportunities in Location, Analytics, Big Data and GIS for IS Researchers