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    Newsletter, Winter, 2017
    SIGGIS Election
    Note from the Past Chair
    Note from the Incoming Chair
    SIGGIS at ICIS 2016
    SIGGIS at AMCIS 2017
    SIGGIS at ICIS 2017
    SIGGIS Small Bites
    SIGGIS Membership News
    SIGGIS – Joining or Renewing Membership
    At the AMCIS 2016 Business meeting, there was a unanimous consensus to add a Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect position with a 2 year term. The Chair-Elect would succeed to a 2-year term as Chair. Namchul Shin from Pace University chaired the Nomination Committee. According to the bylaws the chair could appoint a Secretary/Treasurer. The current SIG leadership includes:
    Chair, Dan Farkas, Pace University
    Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, Brian Hilton, Claremont Graduate University
    Past-Chair, Jim Pick, University of Redlands.
    Secretary/Treasurer, Avijit Sarkar, University of Redlands
    Executive committee members: Namchul Shin, Pace University; Rama Ramakrishna, University of Redlands
    Dear Members of SIGGIS:
    As you know, I have finished my four-year term as SIGGIS chair and turned over the SIGGIS leadership to Dan Farkas as Chair and Brian Hilton as Chair Elect. I am continuing during this new term as Past Chair. On this occasion, I wish to thank all our members and give particular thanks to Dan and Brian, as well as other Executive Committee members, Avijit Sarkar, Namchul Shin, and Hindupur Ramakrishna for their enthusiasm and SIG efforts over the past term.
    Here are a few reflections on our SIG during the past term. Interest in locational analytics and GIS is growing in AIS and our SIG is helping to spread the word. Our SIG membership has grown since 2012 from about 25 to 50 members. Thanks in large part to your interest for the area, we have been able to offer consistent workshops and minitracks at AMCIS meetings and, starting with the New Zealand ICIS in 2014, have offered consistent highly-rated pre-ICIS workshops consisting of tutorials on timely topics, discussions, and contributed papers. Your attendance, papers, reviewing, involvement, and ideas have made this growth possible. Among the SIGGIS milestones have been donations from Esri and IBM, to develop SIGGIS, a GIS Tutorial published by CAIS in 2015 with six SIGGIS co-authors, and a survey of 2,000 AIS members, with over 120 responses, regarding individual research uses of GIS, the findings of which were presented at AMCIS 2016 and ICIS 2016 workshops. SIGGIS was also able to arrange for the first-time-ever AMCIS Keynote talk on the potential of GIS by Chris Capelli, Esri’s Director of Global Business Development.
    With the upsurge in consumer mapping mobile GIS, cloud-based locational analytics, and spatial big data, and growing awareness in the MIS community about location and space, the future is promising for SIGGIS. Please tell your friends and communities about our SIG. We can take our place as one of the 21st century cornerstones of the IS field. The new leaders of SIGGIS need your support and interest and with it should be able take the SIG to higher stature and recognition in AIS over the next several years.
    Regards, James Pick, Past Chair of SIGGIS
    SIGGIS Colleagues,
    It is with pleasure and excitement that I assume my new role as Chair of SIGGIS. As you can see from Jim Pick's note, we have come a long way and I am deeply appreciative of his service and expertise at building a successful organization. I look forward with Jim, Brian, Avijit and the SIGGIS Executive Committee (Rama Ramakrishna and Namchul Shin) to continue our growth and success. My goals include working colleagues to increase membership and broaden the impact of the SIG. While we have close ties with a number of industry leaders, one goal will be to formalize an advisory board and improve SIG communication outlets including the website and newsletter.
    I hope to meet you at one of our events and work with you during my term as Chair.
    Best Regards, Dan
    We had a terrific workshop with the theme on locational analytics, spatial decision making, and big data. There were more than 20 participants with 2 informative keynotes and a peer-reviewed contributed papers session in the afternoon. We had a terrific keynote by Professor Zorica Nedovic-Budic from University College Dublin entitled “Locational Analytics and GIS to Enhance Planning by European Governments We also had an engaging and informative Industry Keynote by Dr. Michael Gould, Global Education Manager, Esri on the topic of ”GIS and Location Analytics in Universities: Growth and Opportunities.” Finally, workshop had 3 presented papers. They can be viewed and downloaded from the SIG Website <>.
    SIGGIS also participated in the new member’s get-together and the SIG leadership meeting.
    AMCIS 2017, BOSTON (AUGUST 10-12, 2017)
    The SIGGIS Executive Committee is working on the AMCIS 2017 conference in Boston. We have an accepted mini-track.
    Locational Big Data and Analytics: Implications for the Sharing Economy:
    This mini-track provides a research forum on varied aspects of GIS for business intelligence, location-based analytics, knowledge management, and spatial data management. Aligned with the AMCIS 2017 theme, “A Tradition of Innovation”, research contributions related to “Location and the Sharing Economy” are encouraged, e.g. firms such as Uber and Airbnb depend on enterprise-wide spatial data and related analytic software. Topics include the locational aspects of the shared economy, spatial big data, spatial decision making, spatial knowledge management, cloud-based GIS, spatial crowdsourcing, management decision-making using GIS, volunteered geographic information (VGI), spatial workforce development, managerial concerns, regulation, privacy, security, ethical aspects concerning the sharing economy, mobile location-based applications, location-based theory, mobile-based GIS, software development incorporating place, societal issues of spatial big data, and emerging areas of GIS and location analytics. This mini-track encourages manuscript submissions on theory, methodology, applications, behavioral studies, case studies, and emerging areas with encouragement for the sharing economy.
    Please consider contributing a paper and forward the "CFP" that comes through the listserv.
    We are also working on a similarly themed pre-conference workshop– more details to follow.
    ICIS 2017, SEOUL (DECEMBER 10-13, 2017)
    It’s not too early to think about ICIS 2017 in Seoul, South Korea (Dec. 10-13). If you have ideas for workshop topics, panels, etc. please let us know.
    Financials: Including the Dublin workshop (which was profitable) our current account balance for the SIG is $3,169.58.
    SIGGIS currently has 50 members as of January 2017.
    For those new to GIS in Business, Information Systems and MIS, remember that there is a tutorial available, published in January, 2016, in CAIS: “A Tutorial on Geographic Information Systems: A Ten-year Update.”
    If you have news (conferences, jobs, etc.) that you want to share with the SIGGIS community – please send to either:
    Dan Farkas ( or
    Avijit Sarkar (
    Start your Subject line with: “SIGGISNews”
    Join SIGGIS
    If you haven’t done so already, please join (or renew) your membership in AIS SIGGIS ($10.00/year). You can join by logging in to AIS ( – and navigating to “Groups”. There is a link to “Join” page

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  6. page Newsletters edited SIGGISNews Fall, 2013 - {Note-SIGGIS-130926-PostAMCISFall2013_10-3-13-1.pdf} SIGGISNews Fall, 20…
    SIGGISNews Fall, 2013 - {Note-SIGGIS-130926-PostAMCISFall2013_10-3-13-1.pdf}
    SIGGISNews Fall, 2011 - {NewsFall2011-111106.pdf}
    SIGGISNews Winter, 2017
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Saturday, January 7

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    Meeting Minutes
    ICIS 2016 - Dublin
    AMCIS 2016 - San Diego

    ICIS 2015 - Ft. Worth, TX
    AMCIS 2015 - Puerto Rico
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  2. page home edited ... The scope of SIGGIS is to discuss, develop ideas and promote research, stimulate curriculum an…
    The scope of SIGGIS is to discuss, develop ideas and promote research, stimulate curriculum and teaching, and dialogue on the role of spatial information systems, technologies and concepts, as applied to management of information systems, business intelligence (BI), decision support systems (DSS), and knowledge management (KM).
    The mission of SIGGIS is to be a forum that brings together members of AIS. Although there is considerable research on GIS technology and geographic information science, there has been relatively little research in management of spatial information systems, and spatial-based business intelligence, DSS, and KM. SIGGIS will address gaps that involve the GIS and spatial aspects of these knowledge areas and incorporate the expertise the IS discipline can bring to bear on them
    - Boston, MA---------------------------------------------------------------------MA----------------------------------------------------------------
    AMCIS 2017 Minitrack - Locational Big Data, Analytics and the Sharing Economy, Call for Papers
    - Dublin, Ireland----------------------------------------------------------------------Ireland----------------------------------------------------------------
    Locational Analytics and Big Data:Foundations, Emerging Applications and Research (Agenda)
    ICIS 2016 Workshop, Presented Papers
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Tuesday, November 29

  1. page ICIS 2016 Workshop, Presented Papers edited ... Intelligent Decision Support Capabilities for a Law Enforcement GIS Bel Raggad, Pace Universi…
    Intelligent Decision Support Capabilities for a Law Enforcement GIS
    Bel Raggad, Pace University
    {ICIS 2016 - Paper by Bel Raggad_Intelligent Decision Support_pre-ICIS GIS Workshop 2016.pdf}
    Pulsating Market Boundaries in Supply Chain Network of Nitrogenous Fertilizers
    Sumadhur Shakya, California State University Monterrey Bay;
    William Wilson, North Dakota State University;
    Bruce Dahl, North Dakota State University
    {ICIS 2016 - S. Shakya et al., Pulsating Market Boundaries, Pre-ICIS GIS Workshop 2016.pdf}
    Multinational and Indigenous IT Companies in Ireland: Exploring the Spatial Relationships between the Two Tiers
    Gianluca Miscione, Paula Carroll, Sabrina Dekker,
    Zorica Nedovic-Budic, and Harutyun Shahumyan, University College Dublin
    {ICIS 2016 - Miscione et al. Paper 1-4.pdf}
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